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Character Information
Name:Sir Mizo
Profession:Majestic Druid
Marital status:single
Last login:19 April 2024, 4:42 am
Balance:$ 2,180,506,207 Gold Coins.

Quest Complete: 0%
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Tasks Completas: 0%
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18 Apr 2024, 21:35 Killed at level 556 by Salve Naue, Amor Da Larissa, Zoi Domina, Bolsinha De Jesus, Doidao Do Gas, Uniin, Ferreira Sainz, a protect castle, Vieiraau Heal, Ruan Ak, Cry Cry, Bob Amaral and by Ghoost Of Dead.
18 Apr 2024, 10:33 Killed at level 549 by Archive Creep, Ranca Bosta, Arkcht and by the ancient.
12 Apr 2024, 13:47 Died at level 545 by the ancient, Shevchenko Is Back, No Atk Me Please and by Will Da Zika.
11 Apr 2024, 23:21 Died at level 533 by Gaz'Haragoth.
11 Apr 2024, 21:58 Killed at level 530 by Stroporentto, Weed, Shevchenko Is Back, Black Clover, Tyler Rake, Rafa Odiado, a protect castle, Gordinho, Big Toxico, Skol Delivery, Grizola, Opalla Tunnado, Eu Proprio, Agressive, Hollow, Xereca Toxica, Niejwopjl, Sir Mizo and by Croz Exon.

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Account Information
Created:3 April 2024, 6:13 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

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