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Character Information
Name:Mestre Ip Bolado
Profession:Royal Paladin
Marital status:single
Guild Membership:Leader of the New Order
Last login:8 July 2024, 4:44 pm
Balance:$ 4,323,707,715 Gold Coins.

Quest Complete: 0%
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Tasks Completas: 0%
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8 Jul 2024, 16:42 Killed at level 378 by Luanbahiia, Deadeye Devious and by Flyer.
8 Jul 2024, 09:27 Died at level 373 by Deadeye Devious and by Ek Tanka Nada.
7 Jul 2024, 21:52 Killed at level 364 by Pitbull Do Funk, Sir Mizo, Beekeeper, Kaka Prime, Saibot, a protect castle, Apache and by Flyer.
7 Jul 2024, 21:22 Killed at level 365 by Saibot, Vira Theuzin, Flyer, Low Booster, Eddyownss, Class, Beekeeper, Plaqueiro Soc, Kaka Prime, Deivao Spanka Xota, Soprawar, Mestre Ip Bolado and by Celoni Pikadejegue.
7 Jul 2024, 21:15 Killed at level 366 by Pivet, Beekeeper, Soprawar, Tae Xerebebell, Celoni Pikadejegue, Aureathosphere, Deivao Spanka Xota, Prince Felp, Flyer, Low Booster, Kaka Prime, Class, Plaqueiro Soc, Pitbull Do Funk, Na Bloker and by Saibot.

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Account Information
Created:3 July 2024, 12:55 pm
Vip Status:VIP Account

1. BenimaruSphere
2. ChanchanSphere
3. FamboySphere
4. FarmadordoisSphere
5. FarmadortresSphere
6. FarmadorumSphere
7. GokuraSphere
8. Mata MuitoSphere
9. Mestre Ip BoladoSphere
10. NanicoSphere
11. Nanico BufadorSphere

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Level: 481
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